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I am the CPA who bought the Cyborg from Lee M. a few months back. I have shot traditional bows with fingers for about 10 years or more, and now have owned a bunch of compound fingers bows. I tech my own bows, pretty much, and build my own strings. I presently have a Hoyt Vantage Pro, a Mathews LD, and this Cyborg.

This Cyborg is the best shooting fingers set up I have owned to date. I am shooting it better than any bow I have ever owned (fingers). I am loving it.

I was just hoping this might encourage you guys. Keep up the good work.

- Mitchell B.


Chad takes home a trophy with a New Breed Genetix bow!

I started shooting a New Breed bow early in 2009 when my good friend and NBA dealer was urging me to give this new bow he just picked up a try. I was a little hesitant because I thought no bow could be as good as he was saying this new Genetix was! I had been shooting another major brand of bow seriously for many years, I even have their logo tattooed on my forearm! So I thought no way is this new bow gonna be good enough to make me switch. I went down to his shop check this new bow out. Well I wasn't just a little impressed...I was totally blown away by the absolute pure shooting perfection that this Genetix was! I immediately sold my other bow, and bought a NBA Genetix Samurai Edition. 2009 was easily my best ever year shooting a bow, since switching to an NBA bow my shooting improved greatly, and I was having more fun shooting than I'd had in many years! I also was lucky enough to take my biggest buck to date with my trusty New Breed Genetix on Halloween 2009. I've never had more confindence in my bow or shooting ability than when I drew back on the biggest buck I ever had in my bow site that afternoon. I knew the shot was going to be perfect. I squeezed the trigger on my release and put an arrow through both lungs, the buck went 30 yards and fell over! I knew from the minute I put my hands on the Genetix this was a special bow, and the memories I've already had with my New Breed bow will remain with me as long as I'm alive. Thank You New Breed Archery for building bows that make shooting such a great experience.

A happy NBA customer for life

- Chad Cousins


James shows off his tight grouping!

Hey, you wanted to know what i thought, well just look. I set the bow up with just a set of sights, no peep, kisser. The proofs in the puddin'! I shot 2 arrows first at 10 yards, then 2 at 20 yards, just to make sure I was on the target and was not going to miss, well I went to 30 yards and this was the very next set of three arrows I shot, maybe not right on the dot, but look at the group. I had not moved the pin but the next shots were just as tight. This thing shoots really nice. enough speed, and virtually no hand shock. I like it!

- James (Genetix model - 29" draw at 64 pounds)


New Breed Archery hit a home run with the Genetix bow. Short enough to hunt from a tree or groundblind yet a great and stable axle to axle length for target shooting. I have owned over 60 bows in the last 3 years from just about every manufacturer out and the Genetix is sitting on the "Top Shelf" at my house......... Smooth, fast, light, and very comfortable to shoot all day long.

- Mike Dewitt


I purchased a New Breed bow after hearing about them on Archery Talk. I had no local dealer so I had to order one blind. After purchasing Genetix I was blown away...I was impressed from the moment I opened the box. Just in examining the bow you could see there had been a tremendous attention to detail. After my first practice session I knew I found my bow. Within 6 weeks I purchased a Cyborg!

It is great to have a company that not only builds a quality product, but they are truly concerned about the customer and stand behind it with quality service!

- Anthony


Let me first say thank you for making an outstanding bow! I've been shooting archery for 20+ years and have shot many manufacturers' bows. For the past five years, I have been on the "Hoyt wagon" due to their attention to detail and their abillity to build a bow that is very quiet and forgiving. Just yesterday I traded my Maxxis for a Genetix. Did not know what to expect... setup was a breeze, and, well let me just say WOW!! You guys got it right. I would have to say, hands down, this is by far the best shooting bow that I have EVER shot! That is saying a lot coming from a Hoyt shooter. Please keep up the quality and I will do my best to talk all my friends into trying one of these bows.

- Jimmy Hardy



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