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Genetix Compound Bow

It all starts with great Genetix.

New Breed has taken our flagship bow for past 2 years and redesigned it for a whole new look in 2012!

New Breed Genetix bow is hand assembled with top quality components and is now featuring a Bionix 2.0 modular two track cam system, with a 7” brace height, a 33” axle to axle, and speeds reaching up to 340fps(IBO). The Genetix features a T6061 aircraft grade aluminum machined riser, our newly designed split limbs, custom made premium strings/cables, Bowjax grips, and the Bow Rattler adjustable string suppressor.

We still kept our famous silky smooth draw cycle and same great zero torque grip design that New Breed is known for, along with an extra wide arrow shelf to allow you to attach most any arrow rest of your choice and to allow for maximum vane and broadhead clearance.

This attention to detail creates supreme accuracy, blazing speed, and extra forgiveness needed when the shot really counts. Whether you draw down on that elusive trophy while hunting, squeezing off that clutch- winning shot at the range, it all starts with great Genetix!

Bionix 2.0 Cam System licensed under US Patent #7,997,259

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ATA/IBO Rating:
335-337-340 fps (30" 70lb)
33 inches
Brace Height:
7 inches
Draw Weight:
50, 60 & 70 lb
Draw Lengths:
24.5 - 30 inches
Bow Weight:
3.8 lbs
Tune Chart:
Owners Manual:

String Suppresor
Draw lengths adjustable in 1/2" increments
     Let Off adjustable 65% to 80%

Available Colors
Predator 3D Deception
Predator 3D Camo
Samurai Edition (All Black)
Samurai Edition (Black)

Moon Shine Outshine
Moon Shine Outshine

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